Handelsblatt and WirtschaftsWoche, the two leading publications of the Handelsblatt Publishing Group, have again increased their coverage among top decision-makers and top managers in Germany. This is clear from the new readership analysis among decision-makers in business and administration (LAE 2015), published last week in Frankfurt.

WirtschaftsWoche in particular, under the leadership of editor-in-chief, Miriam Meckel, is on a successful path and with a coverage of 351,000 decision-makers, has achieved a new all-time best score. This means growth of 31,000 decision-makers (or 9,7%) compared with last year. Also that WirtschaftsWoche continues to imporove its leading position in the business press, achieving total coverage of 11.9% - cleraly ahead of the competitors, Manager Magazin (9.9%), Capital (8.9%), Focus Money (5.6%) and Impulse (4.1%). Miriam Meckel: "an encouraging signal for the entire editorial department that we are going in the right direction with our relaunch, and that WirtschaftsWoche deals with the topics which are relevant for decision-makers."

Handelsblatt also further improved its position in the important group of decision-makers and, according to LAE 2015, is read on stock exchange trading days by 290,000 entrepreneurs, board members, self-employed individuals and top managers. This is an increase of 5,000 (or 1.8%) over last year, and compared with 2012, represents and increase of 28,000 decision-makers (or 10.7%).

Gabor Steingart, chief executive officer of the Handelsblatt Publishing Group: "The LAE results are further confirmation of the outstanding position and firm basis of Handelsblatt among the decision-making elite. These new performance data are both further motivation and a renewed obligation for us."
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