The new and much awaited weekly Weekend supplement of Les Echos has been launched on October 2nd, 2015. The magazine - Les Echos Weekend - is available every Friday with the business newspaper Les Echos, at 4€.

For the Decision Maker, the weekend is not an end. It is a change of rythm which brings him new ideas and inspiration, useful in his/her personal and professional life.

A BUSINESS STORY section provides the reader with portraits of entrepreneurs, French & International success stories. Priority to the Human aspect, to alternative sectors and problematics, to the enlargement of competences.

A CULTURE section provides investigation, debates, agendas and cultural guide. Everything to learn more in music, literature, art, etc.

A LIFESTYLE section brings all the latest information to the Decision maker about Fashion, Automobile, Travel, Gastronomy, etc.

Last but not least, a section called “ET MOI (and me)” gives inspiration through personal development, well-being and advice in order to find the right balance in life. 
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