Mediacontact International was for many years the representative of Diario Economico, Portugal’s leading business daily newspaper.

A few months ago, the holding company who owned Diario Economico was forced to declare itself in bankruptcy. The newspaper, until then the leader among business newspapers, had to cease publication as a consequence.

Today, we are very pleased to inform you that journalists and managers from Diario Economico decided to bring the DNA from Diario Economico and launch a new project.

After a few months of hard work and many ideas in the pipeline, a new weekly business newspaper was born on September 16th: O Jornal Económico.

With a new editorial line and a team of experienced journalists, the title aims at being a reference in the economy, finance and business reporting, both in print and online.

The print edition will cover extensively about the business of companies and the financial markets. In digital, there will new formats and innovative features, including video feeds for live stream.

The monthly magazine Startup, about entrepreneurs, will be inserted in the newspaper, giving more power and value to the magazine.

O Jornal Económico is published every Friday, with direct subscription to companies (great Lisbon and great Porto) and national distribution in all sales points (including Madeira and Açores). The print run is set at 16.000 copies / week.

You can find the web on www.jornaleconomico.sapo.pt

We will be pleased to hear from you, should you see an opportunity to communicate with this new media.

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